City Tower

Welcome To The Hotel In The Tower!

The Tower

Built in 1564 of the remaining stones of a previous chuch (the Scheiblingkirche). Over four centuries the City Tower of Enns served as chuch tower, fire-watch, clock- and bell tower and security lookout.

The Night

A steep climb of 71 stone stairs leads up to this extraordinary hotel room high above the main square of Enns. And in the upcoming night the City Tower is "all yours"...

The Room

The hotel room provides all the amenities of a modern accomodation with rainforest shower, restroom, cable TV and WLAN internet via Liwest, Nespresso coffee, mini bar and an unbeatable historic ambience at an extraordinary location. A speciality of the Pixel In The Tower is the centrally positioned square bed - you decide in which direction you wish to rest.

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